Keeping You Warm - Not The Planet

Crafted with a fleece fabric, with 8 recycled plastic bottles in each Patio Poncho.

Finished with a faux suede style hem trim to give a classic finish to the neckband and sleeve.

The Original Patio Poncho is the perfect combination of traditonal design and modern manufacturing. 

Each Patio Poncho arrives with its own drawstring bag finished with The Original Patio Poncho design reducing plastic packaging and waste.

Universal and Stylish Design

Unisex design for a versatile fit with a stylish relaxed feel for everyone. 

With a classic finish and no compromise on comfort, this makes for the perfect fashion piece for any wardrobe.

Whether you're having drinks on your patio with friends, out shopping, walking the dogs or gone fishing - it's up to you!


"I purchased a set of Patio Poncho's for my new outdoor seating area. My friends absolutely love them! They fit great on everyone and are a very snug extra layer

Emma - Cambridgeshire


"Best purchase ever! I love the bags they each arrived in, there was extra room for a bottle of wine when we went to friends"

Claudette - Northamptonshire


"Very warm and durable, and I love the leather style finish on the neck and sleeves. The neck is extra wide and rolls up nicely for colder days on the river fishing"

Wilson - Bedfordshire


"The fleece is super warm and cosy, perfect for relaxing in or heading out to the shops."

Kate - Huntingdonshire


"My family absolutely love these! I got one for each of my family and they can't get enough of them."

John - Yorkshire