About Us


Established in 2020, The Original Patio Poncho is a specially designed fashion accessory. With innovative styling and design, manufactured to the highest standards and finest quality recycled materials, The Original Patio Poncho is finished in a classic and attractive Navy Blue. As a specialist poncho brand, we are proud to present our designer poncho suitable for any occasion or activity.


Unisex One Size Design -With over two years of product development, The Original Patio Poncho is designed to fit perfectly on all shapes and sizes. We tested our ponchos on models from 4’10” to 6’7”. Completed with a large roll down collar for all head sizes and a chic and cosy finish.


Recycled Plastic -The Original Patio Poncho is manufactured and produced using recycled materials. At least 8 plastic bottles are recycled in the process of producing each Patio PonchoThe Original patio Poncho helps keep you warm, not the planet, helping to re-use plastic waste.


Faux Suede Hem - Designed with a faux suede hemming, to ensure a classic style with high quality finish. The chic and stylish hem is in an understated brown tone, the only way to complete a designer poncho.